220223 WCLN Webinar “The Clinical Role and Susceptibility Testing Options for New Antimicrobial Agents”

DESCRIPTION OF SESSION: This webinar will describe new antibiotics used to target multi-drug resistant gram positive and gram-negative bacteria. In addition, to a general description of the antibiotics, we will discuss common clinical scenarios in which these antibiotics might be prescribed. Finally, this webinar will describe options available to clinical microbiology laboratories for performing susceptibility testing and discuss the pros and cons of performing this testing. LEVEL OF INSTRUCTION: INTERMEDIATE, Refresher course; some basic knowledge required PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: At the end of the session, the participant will be able to: 1. Summarize the general characteristics of recently approved antibiotics designed for treatment of multi-drug resistant infections. 2. Describe common clinical circumstances for which these antibiotics are most appropriate. 3. Explain how and when to perform susceptibility testing for these antibiotics.